It Starts With The Soil

It Starts With The Soil

Soil serves as the foundation for every decision when preparing for planting season. That is why it is so
important to fully understand each field’s soil composition and its deficiencies or excesses. With inputs
remaining high, it seems silly to not know exactly what to put on each field. Soil sampling allows
producers to know exactly what is going on in the soil and what decisions need to be made based on
those findings.

At Labre Crop Consulting, our approach to soil sampling is vastly different than that of your average soil
sampling company. Before our samplers go out in the field to collect the cores, we have already digitized
each field so they know exactly where to collect from, for each soil type. We collect at least 12 cores per
sample to provide produces with better results.

All of our results meet minimum requirements for MMP, CSP, CNMP, and any other program available
on the market. We then display the collected data in an understandable and meaningful way so
producers can make accurate decisions based on our findings. We Do NOT sell any inputs, and that is the
way we will always be. We believe producers should buy from where they feel comfortable with, and we
don’t have interest in ever selling those inputs. What we do is collect powerful data, analyze it and work
with you to attain your operational goals.

If you have any interest in our soil sampling program, we would love to hear from you. We would be
happy to sit down with you and go over our process of collecting soil samples. For us, it is so much more
than just collecting cores, everything starts in the soil.

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