LABRE’s Precision Data Management Solutions

Producers with precision equipment have collected a substantial amount of crop records and valuable information. A farm manager knows that this information is priceless when making decisions regarding product application, grain sales, variety performance and official record keeping. We know with our experience, access to software, training, agronomy, data privacy and data protection our products are unmatched.

Precision Data Management Packages

To make a great value we have bundled our traditional products into packages. Each package varies in complexity to match type of equipment and size of operation. Prices for these packages are per acre so the manager knows what to cash flow. Growers can expect maps after spring and fall operations along with any reports and consultation. We are confident that our consultation will provide any manager with relevant information that will leave them thinking.

Check out our Precision Data Management Packages.

Visualize (Map)

Simply put, this package will take precision data and produce a high quality visual. Our maps utilize vivid colors and provide an outline of each soil type.

Includes: Soil Type and CSR Maps, Tillage Maps, Planting Maps, Application Maps, Harvest Maps

Quantify (Map & Report)

The next level in precision agriculture is quantifying the map data. Most growers who want to unlock the hidden information in the maps choose this option. This package includes visuals and adds highly detailed reports that provide solid numbers. Variety performance is measured against soil type, CSR and other variables. Our reports provide numbers coupled with experience, together these will guide a producer to make successful decisions.

Includes: Visualize (Map) Package, Tillage Report, Planting Report, Application Report, Harvest Report, Crop Summary Report

Analyze (Prescribe, Map, Verify, Report)

The new age of agriculture begins here. This package builds on the visuals and quantities of the previous options and allows modification of rates based on equations and detailed analysis. Good analysis is based upon real results and so we “trust but verify.” Thus, after receipt of your planting data, we will produce maps and visit the field in early spring to inspect emergence based on map data. This inspection will produce geo-tagged images to verify data logged and enable higher accuracy of analysis. This data can be used in subsequent years to construct better crop plans to increase zone fertility, productivity and profitability.

Includes: Quantify (Map & Report) Package, Normalized Yield, Planting Prescriptions, Chemical Prescriptions, Spreading Prescriptions, Guidance Patterns, Early Field Data Verification, RTK/Lidar Elevation Data, Drainage Assessment, Crop Meetings/Conference Calls, Fertility Comparison

What’s in a number? Perhaps a new tile line, increasing or decreasing populations or using different systems of tillage. While it’s the producers job to make the decision, it takes real numbers to make informed and intelligent decisions.

Data Management Products

Some times a producer only utilizes a part of the precision puzzle (such as planter logging) or just wants one of our services. Below is an outline of each of our products and what they involve. If there isn’t anything listed that you are looking for – don’t worry. We often work customized solutions for growers that can’t exactly be defined. So if you need anything data related, contact us and we will work up a customized solution for your operation.

Check out our Data Management Packages.

RTK Boundaries

Clutches, shutoffs and prescriptions all depend on accurate boundaries. RTK accuracy ensures your equipment switches on/off at the exact second it needs to.

Guidance Patterns

Taking time each year to set up guidance patterns can be a hassle. Instead of making new guidance patterns for each vehicle they can be stored and replicated across multiple vehicles with different monitors.

Monitor Setup

Assembling field names, boundaries, guidance patterns and equipment settings needs to be done before field work. This is important for data integrity in single monitor situations and vital for multiple monitors.

Prescription Files

Whether you plant, spray or spread a product it can be automatically adjusted based on a prescription map. These maps can be based on our mathematical formulas or a custom set.

Planting Data

Planting maps include population and variety data. Additional maps include doubles*, skips* and down pressure*. Field and farm reports include summaries based on crop and varieties.

Insurance Data

Available only to those who purchase Planting Data. This package submits planting data to Rain and Hail or other insurance agencies in electronic format.

Application Data

Application maps are helpful in tracking treatments or providing records. Application maps include coverage data along with work summaries. These maps are great for custom applicators

Harvest Data

A true report card for the year. Harvest maps include moisture and yield (spatial and contour maps). Summaries include average yield and moisture.

*As with any data processing, processed data is only as good as the collected data, if data is unreadable, sparse or un-calibrated then it may not provide conclusive relationships.