Precision Equipment

Our equipment provides a grower with detailed information that helps make decisions. This enables operations to cover more ground, operate complex machinery and save money on input costs. Whatever the grower needs, either yield monitoring, planter variety tracking, row clutching, sprayer controls, fleet management, auto steering, etc. we can put it together.


Computer Equipment

Many farmers, contractors and professionals are looking for a computer that will withstand the elements. We offer computers that can withstand impact, dirt and water while having sunlight readable screens and modern operating systems. These systems can also be paired with software and gps equipment for mobile operations and mapping.


Computer Software

We offer the best software on the market to help a manager or producer scout or sample fields, collect information, track finances, process data, or analyze crops. If you are looking to keep your information private, collect or analyze data check out the solutions we offer below.


Camera & Surveillance Equipment

Do you have a remote shed, office or bin site which you want to keep an eye on? Perhaps you need to see what’s behind your combine or if your truck is full of grain? If so, check out our product lines below and let us know if we can help you.