In order to make good decisions a manager needs good information. This starts at the roots, literally. Knowing what characteristics and nutrients a farm has or doesn’t have may change where and how much lime or fertilizer is placed. A few dollars spent to understand what you have may save you a considerable amount of money when purchasing high price fertilizer.

Basic Test Breakdown

Amount of Acres/Sample 10 4.4 3.3 2.5
Basic pH, Buffer, P, K x x x x
Organic Matter x x
Field Boundaries & Features x x x x
Acreage Totals x x x x
Rate (VRT) Recommendation
x x x

Micronutrient Sampling

If you wish to have micronutrients taken such as Boron, Manganese, Sulfur, Zinc, Copper, Iron we can do so upon request for an additional charge per sample (varies upon test).

Nitrogen Sampling

If you wish to have nitrogen testing done please contact our office and specify what test you need. Cost can vary, depending upon what a producer needs.

Manure & Water Sampling

Most clients know us by our soil sampling, but we also collect and submit samples for manure and water tests. If you have any questions about our prices feel free to inquire by contacting our main office.