Thinking Of An In-Season Nitrogen Application?

Thinking Of An In-Season Nitrogen Application?

Wishing you could cover your corn from all this rain? For the months of April and May, this area has seen 15 to 25 percent above average precipitation. This may have contributed to some nitrogen loss in some areas. The Late-Spring Soil Nitrate Test (LSNT) is a reliable index to determine if an in-season application of nitrogen is warranted.

Soil samples need to be collected at a depth of 12 inches when corn is 6 to12 inches tall. If planting is delayed, we’d like to sample in early June, regardless of plant stage. We use the nitrate results to evaluate your nitrogen levels relative to a standard critical concentration.

Coupling LSNT with aerial imagery is a great way to reduce your nitrogen input cost this season. Research conducted at Labre Crop Consulting has shown that we have been able to get our nitrogen use down to .5 pounds N per bushel.

We understand there are a lot of factors at play when it comes to nitrogen use and loss. Labre Crop Consulting can provide in-season nitrogen recommendations by evaluating your current management, analyzing your soil for nitrates, and using real-time nitrogen sensing. It’s not a one-fits-all model approach. It is real data, and real people, making real recommendations for your farm.

Call today to schedule your LSNT or in-season aerial imagery flight!

-Steph Bowden


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